About Company

Location and General Information

Red Church Vineyards and Estate Companies are situated in a valley at the foot of the Rhodope Mountains, 12 kilometers away from Plovdiv - most of the famous Bulgarian cellars like Starosel, Villa Ustina ,Bessa Valley are within 50 km. of reach.

  • Red Church Vineyards LTD enjoys the following property :
    • 21.272 hectares agricultural land, of which
    • 19.454 hectares noble French vineyards
    • plus 3 566 sq.m. own vineyards over foreign property
    • a total of 19.8105 hectares of vineyards
  • - Red Church Estate complies :
    • - A wine Cellar of 588 m2. - fully equipped
    • - plus a plot of land in regulation - 9 651 m2.
There used to be an ancient Roman road running through this village, which connected Philippopolis with Via Egnatia and the towns from the Aegean Sea.
A spectacular view of the Upper Thracian Plain.
One of the oldest churches on the Balkans - The Red Church / built in 4th century / is just 2 km. away and is viewed from the property


  • Land - 22.237 hectares, out of which 0.965 hectares under regulation
  • Vineyards - 19.8105 hectares
    • Merlot - 47 000 vines
    • Cabernet- Sauvignon - 15 500 vines
    • Cabernet-Franc - 13 600 vines
    • Mavrud - 13 400 vines
    • Petit Grain - 4 500 vines
    • A total of 94 000 vines
  • Cellar - 588 sq.m.
    • Cellar winery equipment - Italian/French/Bulgarian make - fully equipped
  • 73 new French barrels - "Baron"
  • New Italian bottling line - "Alfatech"
  • Equipment - Red Church Vineyards LTD - (tractor plus inventory, plus 2 Vans)
  • Permission granted by local authorities for further building activities within the land

The Winemaker

"The challenges that Nature imposes on us, inspire me to show my best potential"

Alex Kanev

Алекс Канев



Born on 17 December 1971


Studied Viticulture and Enology - oenologie in Switzerland


Gained professional experience at wineries "Domain Bovard" and "Domain des abeilles D`or"


Consultant for EBRD in Bulgaria for the Wine Industry


CEO "Bessa Valley Winery", Created the first vineyards and a new type of winery in Bulgaria


"Enira" became a symbol of quality also recognized outside Bulgaria


CEO and partner "Angelus Estate"


Stallion wines won gold medals


Vice-President, "Bulgarian Association for Wine Export"


Own brand AK

20 years of proven professional experience in winemaking, with a proven successes track in the introduction and establishment of new fine quality wines on the Bulgarian and international market


What we have created

The word sovereign is borrowed from Old French soverain, which is ultimately derived from the Latin word superanus, meaning "above". It is a title which can be given to people in various categories.

The roles of a sovereign vary from monarch or head of state to head of municipal government or head of a chivalric order.

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Our wine collection

Grand Sovereigh Rose`2018

Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Mavrud

Grand Sovereign`2018

Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Mavrud.
35% of the wine was aged in new french oak.

Grand Sovereign Limited Edition`2018

Coming Soon

Grand Sovereign Premium`2018

Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc.
Barrel aging in new french oak for 11 months.